“I have worked with Office ReWorks  for about 5 years now and they has always found the item we needed and it was always supplied to us at the most competitive prices. Their delivery staff has always been very courteous and efficient when installing the furniture."
Darell Bowen, Broker
Bowen Realty

“Working with Office ReWorks is a pure pleasure. Their professionalism, listening skills, out of the box creative ideas, understanding cost control, while receiving a quality product in the end, has been without question, outstanding to work with. For many years, the entire “Office Reworks” team, from the initial planning through final installation, not only proved to be the RIGHT decision for NUCO2 but has also established a Long Term Partnership between our two companies.”
Michael Lyons
Director of Facilities @ NUCO2

“I have worked with Office Re-Works for over 8 years. We have collaborated on projects in the non-profit arena and in the more traditional sectors of the business community. Their suggestions and assistance are invaluable. Their knowledge of products and the correct application of them create the optimal solution. Their work ethic is superb. Their response time unbridled. My endorsement of Office ReWorks is one I am proud to offer.” 
Beth Keller